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Allgood Technology Ltd

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Electronic Assembly Services . Specialists in Surface Mount Technology

Repair and Rework facilities

Allgood Technology is equipped with a range of tools to rework and repair printed circuit assemblies to IPC-A-610 or your own company standards.

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The ERSA has sophisticated temperature monitoring and profiling controls so that a thermal profile closely replicating that of the original assembly process can be established and stored. This gives repeatable process control that reduces undue thermal stress to a minimum. The system is equipped with under component video so that the soldering point can be seen in real time – especially useful for BGAs.

Prebake requirements: Allgood Technology firmly believes that large components and assemblies that have been in the field for some time should be prebaked prior to major rework to drive out absorbed moisture which can cause PCB or component damage.  We have a Gallenkamp baking oven for this purpose and recommend at least a 24 hour bake at 125 degrees prior to starting the job. If IPC or other specifications override this time then these will take precedent. Customers should be aware that prebake can add up to several days to a jobs’ turn round.

Warranty: Rework is by its nature subjecting the PCB and components to additional heat and cool cycles beyond those intended at manufacture so although every care is taken unfortunately we cannot guarantee this aspect of our work beyond general workmanship.