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Allgood Technology Ltd

The best name to have on-board

Electronic Assembly Services . Specialists in Surface Mount Technology

One of the first SMT assembly specialists in the UK, we have over 20 years of experience

What we can do for you:

Why choose Allgood Technology?

Because you simply can’t afford to risk your products with poor quality assembly. But who can you trust to get it right? The large, experienced subcontractors are fine if you have the volumes they need; if you don’t, the smaller ones may lack know how.

What makes us different?

Unlike most assemblers, our background is in electronic design and development so we understand the pressures you face; we’ve been there too. We know you need a flexible and skilled service that will continually adapt and respond to your needs without fuss or delay; always working closely with you to keep your projects on track. We are a can-do company that knows we don’t succeed unless you do.

Don’t take our word for it - judge us by the companies we keep.

Rolls Royce

Aero Engine Controls & Power Systems




Fujitsu Telecommunications

Universities of Leeds, Lancaster & UMIST

TRW Automotive Developments
Goodrich Aerospace

From the sea-bed to the edge of space…and everywhere in between…